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Brigitte Matthews

She is a native of Hickory NC and currently resides in Durham NC. Her first novel is entitled Divine Tapestry. It explores poignant moments in the lives of four women in the Bible. She is a graduate of NC State University and UNC at Chapel Hill .

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Divine Tapestry

Meet Eve, Huldah, Mary & Shunammite Woman.  Celebrate their victories and sympathize with their struggles. Journey with them and experience their inexplicable joy, controversial choices, and inconsolable pain. The women are champions and spiritual warriors because they have decided to trust God no matter what.  Their stories are written as Christian fiction but adapted to reflect recorded biblical events. 

These  women are inspirational leaders in spite of the trials and tragedies  surrounding them. The four women never meet and their stories take place  in isolation. Yet collectively, they reveal the poignancy and relevance  of our personal relationships to Jesus. Symbols and colorful threads  intertwine throughout each story creating a divine tapestry that will  never be torn. 

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Main Street Bazaar

      Mission: Celebrate unique talents and gifts of individuals & Community Fellowship

      Objective: Individuals plan, coordinate, develop a business plan to design and execute a ‘Main Street Bazaar’.

Water Walking

Some verses I put together based on a book by John Ortberg. For those of you gifted in spoken word or who are musicians, raise this up!


Each of us are wonderfully designed and created by God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit! People, situations, and circumstances have forged, molded, and shaped us. These are colorful, fragile, thick, thin, and hardy threads that intertwine throughout each of our lives weaving our own divine tapestry.  My hope is that your interest is stirred up enough to become an active participate in worship through bible study. I pray you will investigate, examine, study and fall in love with God's Holy Word. Be forever grateful!


Main Street Bazaar (pdf)


Water Walking (pdf)


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Colonial BC Women's Ministry

Trenace Green


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Real Testimonals

I read your book and enjoyed every word.  You have a real depth of understanding where scripture is concerned my friend.  I admire the priority you put on the cultivation of your faith.  Debbie M

Two thumbs up. I plan to share it with some of our teachers in prayer group. I think some of them will enjoy it. I think that it comes at a time I need to be reminded that God is in control as I suffer with moments of depression as I think of the pain members of my family are going through at this time.  Angie W

Love everything about it. ..what an awesome work you have produced!
The detail in each story allows the reader to feel as though, truly, there.... in the very mind and experience of each character. To say the women "come alive " is a slight understatement. Personal identification with each woman is quite amazing. The study guides in the back provoke many new insights and questions.
As you can tell. ..I love everything about it. (even the way the paper on the cover feels. ..almost like " leather ". Haven't had a book to feel like this unless it was leather ...very nice!) You are, obviously, anointed to do this. I am a fan. I will look forward to future publications. 

Ruth P

First, the cover is an eye catcher and beautiful!  It grabbed me before I even opened it. Second, Love the list of characters at the beginning so I can refer back to them before each story. Your book is short and sweet and speaks in current day words easy for people to understand and I found myself clearly identifying and learning from each character.   Sheridan V

I love it! I want more! Lisa C

Excited about finally finishing my home girls book. Story 4..page 47. THE CHOICE-... EXCELLENT. Really enjoyed. I preached on it! She needs to do part B! Pamela R

It is excellent! It really is! Gwen M

Divine Tapestry is an excellent written (Christian fiction) book. Biblical events are demonstrated through the lives of four women. It is an excellent book for bible studies. Brigitte Matthews did an excellent job. I truly enjoyed reading it! It is a must read!

Deborah P

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Divine Tapestry

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